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Facts That You Must Know About Free Open Office Suite


One of the leading open source office tools today is This compact piece of software can perform almost anything including word processing, creating spreadsheets, generating presentations, databases and graphics and many others. Aside from being free, there are different versions of this open source software in many languages so that non-English speaking individuals can also utilize this powerful office tool. In addition to that, the suite also works in almost every operating system that is commonly used today. This way, you do not have to switch from one OS to another just to install and employ the programs in


When you use this free office suite – Open Office, all of your data or files are stored in international open standard format. If you have other versions of documents from other word processors, you can still open them using Open Office. This is very convenient since you do not have to convert your files just to read and modify them. Because this is a free software package, you can download and use the programs from Open Office without fees and for any purpose – either commercially or for personal usage.


For over twenty years, this free office suite – Open Office was engineered to provide for the needs of professionals or students. If you have problems with the operations and functions of the software, you can easily report the bugs and even request for new features so that it will be enhanced for future use.


Beginners will have no troubles in creating documents or just using the friendly interface of the program. It is very easy to use and simple to learn the tools within any program in this free office suite – Open Office. If you have been using another word processor, you do not have to take in other features since this suite is similar to most applications available today. In no time, you will get accustomed to the operations and the additional features of the programs in Open Office.


The pieces of software that you will find in the Open Office suite include Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress and Base. Each of these has their own functions. For instance, Writer, as the name implies, has everything you need to write and create word documents with features like AutoCorrect, AutoFormat, AutoComplete and adding text frames. Meanwhile, Base is a database manipulator where you can seamlessly modify forms, tables and queries. In one office package, Open Office is certainly one of the best free utilities available today.



Common Tasks Free PDF Software Can Perform

If you often work with PDF files, you require pieces of PDF software that can help you complete your job faster. Right now, there are different formats of files that computers and other devices can read, edit and access. One of which is PDF or portable document format. PDF is mainly used because of two reasons: its compactness and flexibility. In just few bytes, you can have a PDF file with images. Such file type can also be read using almost any device out there. Hence, working with PDF is not a hassle especially if you have free PDF software.


There are tons of pieces of free PDF software that you can acquire on the internet today. While there are some that are paid and promise to give better performance than the free versions, it is always a joy to know that we can obtain tools and programs on the web without having to pay any fees. When looking for the right PDF software, you should know your own requirements. Different tools work in a diverse manner and there are various tasks that each piece of free PDF software can do.


One of the most common is the PDF thumbnailer, which provides assistance in creating thumbnails for online e-books in PDF format. They can work with multiple files at the same time directly. The end result is that you get professional looking image galleries on the web coming from the PDF file that you are working on.


Another is one that can extract tables from PDF files. With just a few clicks, you get all the tables that are found within the document. Converters are also very common and are among the most used pieces of software for PDF files right now. All you need is the tool along with your PDF file and you can convert the PDFs into virtually anything including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, TXT and many others.


If you need to protect your PDF files from unauthorized publishing or editing, you can make use of tools that provide security such as watermarks, annotation, copyright protection and such. These programs are highly superior so you can set passwords, exclusive images or watermarks and many more. There are also PDF file organizers so you can easily find, edit and handle your documents on your computer or even on any mobile device.


The pieces of free PDF software are definitely a huge help for people who manage PDF files everyday. With these tools, you can conclude your tasks with no trouble at all.


Manipulate Your Image Files with Gimp Free Photoshop Software

Gimp is a free tool that is used to edit raster graphics. Today, many beginners choose this program to retouch and modify their images. This free Photoshop software – Gimp can be distributed freely and can be used on numerous operating systems including Windows and Linux. This is a very powerful image manipulator that you can download, install and use without trouble.


If you are a Linux user, there is a huge possibility that this free Photoshop software – Gimp is already found on your computer. If you are a Windows OS user, there are binaries that are available for you as well as OS X users. Downloading is easy but the completion will depend upon the speed of your connection. Note that you also need GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment which is specific to the version of Windows that you are using. In addition to that, if you need the help files, you need to download them separately. Once done, run the installer in this particular order: first the GTK, then Gimp installer and then the help files.


After the installation, you are ready to run the software. You will notice that Gimp uses SDI or single document interface. This means that all the windows in the program including the palettes and dialog boxes will have its own panel or dock as if they are separate programs. It is normal for first time users to get confused with the tools that are found within the software and will take some time before one gets used to them. Nevertheless, this is a great tool for editing and retouching photos.


Linux users will find that Gimp is an extremely helpful tool because there are multiple virtual desktops available. This allows the user to easily assign the software with its own working space so as to maximize the screen properties. The editing tools in Gimp are easy to understand with floating captions when you point to each of them. One of which is the rectangular selection tool which lets the user click and drag in the image so that you can select a square or a rectangular section. To easily do this, hold the shift key while you drag your mouse. This will enable you to create a new layer or you can copy and paste the item into another area in the picture you are modifying.


Gimp is user friendly tool and can be downloaded with its full capabilities without having to pay anything. This makes the software one of the most used editing tools for both novice and expert image editors today.



Why You Should Go For Free Torrent Program Like uTorrent


Every computer user downloads torrents every now and then. The one thing that they do not have in common here though is the torrent program that they are using. Settling for the best and the fastest tool without fees is probably the most superior deal that one can ever obtain. This can be achieved through the use of uTorrent. The creators of this little tool guarantees that torrent downloaders will get their files speedily even if they are downloading mega sized files on the web.


This free torrent program – uTorrent gives you ten reasons why you should choose this instead of the other paid programs out there. uTorrent is a tiny piece of software, which is only around 400 kilobytes. Hence, downloading its installer will take you a few seconds and right after the installation you will barely notice that you have added a program into your hard drive. Such size is ultra-small, even tinier than your picture on Facebook. The little size though does not hinder it from being efficient.


If you are looking for a fast acting program in downloading torrents, uTorrent is the answer. This is expertly created so that the users can take advantage of obtaining files on the web without waiting too long. With its speed, you generally avoid hogging system resources and can run in the background quietly. You can work and play while downloading torrents.


uTorrent also offers simple and straightforward interface. With your main purpose to download torrents, the program will allow you to do just that and get them in a snap. In addition to that, you will discover new App Studio content. Speaking of which, the App Studio is he manufacturer’s solution to the bane of bloatware. Instead of stuffing your torrent client with additional pieces of software you can find new features that you demand for as an option.


Accessibility is also not a problem. You can access the program no matter where you are using uTorrent Remote. With the innovative key exchange and novel authentication, you can gain secure and private access to your home clients anytime and anywhere. With this cutting edge technology, it is almost impossible to pay no attention to this free torrent program – uTorrent. This is based upon uTP, which is a groundbreaking protocol of BitTorrent. In this case, uTorrent provides maximum bandwidth and even helps in reducing congestion so that the users can benefit from smooth and fast downloading times.



Reasons Why Free WinRar Download is Superior

There are many compression utilities out there that it would easily be confusing for users to choose right away. However, WinRar is one of the most popular names when it comes to archiving large numbers of files. Now, as mentioned there are several other tools that you can use in reducing the size of huge files but why would you choose free WinRar download – WinRar instead?


Free WinRar download – WinRar can easily be obtained using the internet. Find the latest version of the application and you can run WinRar once you have installed the program anytime you wish. It is simple to use and only takes up very little spot on your hard drive.


Backing up your data is possible with WinRar. Also, one of the biggest problems of professionals right now is the attachment limit when sending emails. Now, you do not have to worry about that because WinRar is the ultimate solution. Simply compress the files that you will be transmitting from your email to another and attach the files.


WinRar is a powerful tool that also has integrated functions that you can use to further organize the compressed archives in your system. Apart from that, this consistently creates smaller archives without the need for longer time. You save space on your hard drive, working time, transmission costs and effort when you use this application.


WinRar is not only for documents or word files. As a matter of fact, several people are choosing this for their multimedia files since it automatically recognizes and chooses the best compression technique for your media files. This little executable file can compress multimedia, object libraries and other executables as well.


You can also add extra functions to your WinRar program including RAR language files which is utilized for WinRar translators. Apart from that, there is the UnRAR.dll, which allows one to unRAR Windows’ dynamic library for software developers. You might also like UnRAR source, UnRAR for DOS and UnRAR for iOS.


WinRar is not only for Windows users but also for DOS, OS/2, FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X and even Pocket PC which makes this application even better than other compression programs out there. This also supports standard Zip and RAR compression along with solid compression. The little program also provides many compression options such as add and replace/update files, active content synchronization and high precision change time. Keeping broken files is also an attractive feature which many other applications do not have.



Free Compression App – 7-Zip Frequently Asked Questions

Many a time, we forget that there are other compression utilities out there that can be obtained for free. One of which is 7-Zip that is a free compression application that users of different operating systems can utilize.


So what is 7-Zip? As mentioned, this is a piece of software that you can use to archive your files. Why would you choose 7-Zip over other free compression utilities? There are several reasons for this but one of the main reasons for this because it has a high compression ratio. Apart from that, you can easily download the program and only takes little space in your hard disk. Only amounting to 1 MB, Windows users can download either the executable installer or the .msi file.


How is 7-Zip licensed? In actuality, this free compression app – 7-Zip is an open source piece of software and a great deal of its source code being used is under the licensing of GNU LGPL. Meanwhile, the un-RAR code is under the scope of mixed licenses namely unRAR restrictions and GNU LGPL.


Since this is an open source tool, you can use this freely without restrictions. You can distribute this on any number of computers no matter what their purpose is. 7-Zip is both for commercial organizations and personal needs. Best of all, because this is a free piece of software, you do not have to pay for 7-Zip or even register an account to get access to it.


What are the main features of 7-Zip that will convince one that this is indeed a great compression tool? As mentioned, one of the many reasons is that it has high compression ratio with LZMA and LZMA2 processing in 7z format. 7z is the newest format in archiving with support for open architecture, Unicode file names and solid compressing.


What are the supported formats of this free compression app – 7-Zip? There are actually a lot including 7z, BZIP2, TAR, WIM, ZIP and XZ in both packing and unpacking. When it comes to unpacking processes only, it supports ARJ, CHM< DEB, FAT, HFS, XAR, Z, VHD and MSI.


7-Zip can also be integrated with Windows Shell and is indeed one of the most powerful file managers around. 7-Zip also has a command line version and you can find this in almost 80 languages. With all of these features and functions, this free compression app – 7-Zip easily earns a five star rating from most application reviewers.



Open Docx Files with the Free Docx Editor and Reader with Open Office


Open Office is a free distributable suite with pieces of office software that you can use for your office needs. Read, edit and save the changes you have made on your word files, presentations, spreadsheets and database using one office suite only. One of the best things about this package is that this can easily read docx files. If you have files saved in docx format, you do not have to install another program or docx reader just to open the files. Also, you can freely edit or modify your .docx documents without hassle using this free docx editor and reader – Open Office.


In other word processors, you will have to download extensions just so you can read the docx file. However, this is not the case with this free docx editor and reader – Open Office. You will only need Writer, which is a piece of software included in the Open Office suite and you can then open and alter the content of your file.


.Docx is a format that is introduced for the new version of Microsoft Word which is the 2007 edition. The problem with this is that it is not supported by earlier versions of the said application. It is almost an annoying requirement to upgrade to the said version instead of sticking to the current application that you are using. Nevertheless, with the use of Open Office, you can easily access the .docx file.


While Open Office saves your files in .odt or OpenDocument Text, you can still access your docx files through the said application. In version 3.0, the saved docx files will be converted into a format that Open Office supports. When you save the open docx using Open Office, you will either be prompted to do so or it will be done automatically depending upon your settings and operating system in use.


You can change the default settings when it comes to converting or opening and saving the docx files by going to the settings dialog box. You will find here the Load or Save preferences pane. Click on Microsoft Office which will select or deselect the current conversion option that you are utilizing. offers convenient access to docx files so that you can readily work on your files without the need to install another piece of software from the web. This feature is one of the newest advancements offered by Open Office along with ODF 1.2 support, Mac OS X support and chart enhancements.


Why You Need Free Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is simply one of the most recognizable names connected to flash content on the web right now. You will notice that when you view a website or play a game, you will encounter an error telling you that you have to install a flash player. If this is the case, make sure that you have it installed on your browser for fast and disturbance-free browsing experience. This being said, the free flash player – Adobe Flash is definitely needed to ensure you that you can play games, watch streaming videos and open flash websites.


First of all, what is this free flash player – Adobe Flash? This is the standard for providing high impact and rich content from the web. Applications, animations and designs are viewable because of this player. They are easily and immediately deployed across the platform and browser that you are using. This way, you will have a better web experience as you browse through different websites.


When installed on your computer, particularly on your browser, you can play sites which have been generated using flash software. With the free flash player – Adobe Flash, you can enjoy the website and experience a more interactive time navigating through the sites instead of just settling for the HTML counterparts.


Many browsers right now are equipped with the flash plug in from Adobe already. However, there are some especially the older ones that do not have the Adobe Flash Player. In this case, you will have trouble viewing the animations and even the interactive content. On the other hand, if you have the player, the websites will load faster and you can play games more smoothly when compared with the other dynamic HTML websites.


Downloading the player is not that difficult at all. If you are using Google Chrome, you do not have to download it since it is already installed when you have installed the browser. You only need to update it every once in a while to make sure that your privacy remains protected. Meanwhile, other browsers will prompt you to download the newest version of Adobe Flash Player when you visit a website that has rich content. Do not worry because the downloading time will only take a few minutes and in the end, it is all worth it since you can view the sites properly.


The Adobe Flash Player is absolutely free so you can install it even if you have switched from one browser to another or you have multiple browsers installed in your computer.


Groundbreaking Features of the Free Media Player VLC


We all have media files on our computer. From videos to music files, we need a player that can read them so that we can enjoy listening or viewing our media files. One of which is the free media player – VLC. This is an open source multimedia player that can play almost any type of media file including DVD, VCD, Audio CD and other streaming protocols.


Since there are also other media players out there, you might wonder why you should go for this free media player – VLC. There are a lot of reasons actually but just by looking at its features, there is not a doubt that VLC is superior which is why there are a lot of people who recommend this to their friends as the main program for playing audio and media files.


First of all, this is a free program which means that you can easily obtain this software without any fees. You do not have to buy VLC just to take advantage of its complete capabilities. You will also have no trouble in using this amazing video and music player. It is simple to use and super powerful. When it comes to speed, you will not experience laggy video streaming especially when watching movies.


VLC supports virtually every media file out there, which means that you can open various media files and even disc formats and devices. It is so convenient that you will not need any other player stored on your computer. Probably the best thing about this program is that you can play most of the codec files without the need to install codec packs. Unlike other media players out there, this has built in support for codec files which makes it easy for you to play files. This is helpful for those who often watch movies with subtitles. You can view the films with the subtitles embedded without installing and activating codec files.


Apart from being free, there are no worries that you will get malicious files from downloading the software. This is tested to be free from spyware as well as viruses, Trojans, ads and even user tracking. Right now, this is viewed as the number one mpeg2 player and DivX player around. No matter what your platform is, Mac, Linux, Windows and Unix users can utilize this free media player – VLC.


You will also like the fact that this is not only a media player but is also a media converter. You can convert your files without difficulty. When it comes to streaming, it supports inputs including RTP/UDP, Raw UDP and RTSP. It can also send DVD subtitles and send SAP announcements in Windows, Mac and Linux.



How to Rip Music Files Using Free MP3 Player VLC

VLC is a product from Video LAN which users can get for free and gain complete public access without restrictions. This open source program is one of the most used mp3 and video players out there because of its compressed size and functionality. Apart from listening to music and watching videos using this player, you can also convert files with this utility. Now, one of the most common tasks that a good media player should provide to its users is the process of ripping music files from discs to the computer or device. This free mp3 player – VLC can do just that.


If you are interested in using this free mp3 player – VLC when it comes to ripping music files, all you need to do is to follow the steps given in this article. Take note that VLC media player can be used in various operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS but the menu appearances as well as the options are a little different.


The first step is to ensure tat you have the VLC media player installed on your computer. If you do not have it yet, use your search engine to find the installer or simply visit the website of the manufacturer. Once you have downloaded the installer, click on it and complete the wizard. When done, start the player and navigate to Tools and click on Preferences.


A dialog box will open promptly in which you should click on the radio button that says “All.” Doing so will allow you to view all the settings where you can then select the quality that you want. You are only required to do this once except when you upgrade to the newest version of the application and also when you rip a large number of files from a disc. Always save your settings when you are finished editing them.


Now, go to Convert/Save which you can access by pressing CTRL+R from the File menu. You have to keep in mind that the Open Media window is the menu for handling media files in VLC where you can stream, convert or play your files. Now select Disc but remember that you have to select the songs or the tracks tat you want to save. You can select by playing the DVD using VLC so that you will be sure.


Finally, extract the audio and name the segment. Choose the format in the pull down menu from the Profile settings. Select Audio MP3 and then you are done. Sit back and enjoy your mp3 files extracted from your disc.